North Aston ~ A Millennium
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Although it was never an overt intention that North Aston - A Millennium should be a resource for those researching family histories, there can be no doubt that the book should prove invaluable to anyone having ancestral links with the village, aside from providing background information and fascinating reading.

Recognising this to be the case, the book's Index includes a certain amount of genealogical data, including dates of births and deaths where these are mentioned in the copy of the book, periods when people were living or working in North Aston and also some of the relationships between family members. In addition, some basic information on trades and occupations is also included.

A large number of the families still living in North Aston today or in recent times have links with the village going back hundreds of years, including names like Anne, Beesley, Busby, Bolton, Bowen, Brown, Cato, Churchill, Dore, Golder, Harrison, Hichens, Kendall, Knight, Lee, Lewis, Mobbs, Mold, Moore, Morley, Needle, Nicholson, Preston, Proffit, Rees, Rose, Short, Sykes, Taylor, Waite, West, Weston, Whitehead and Wyatt.

Others have just been passing through, such as Agar, Bowles, Brooke, Clifford, Dashwood, Dupuis, Fenton, Fermor, Foster-Melliar, Gates, Packenham, Preston, Pye, Reynolds, Schott, Southon, Tarling, Walker, Woolgrove and many more.

The second half of the book, which features personal reminiscences contributed by some of today's village residents, includes a wealth of family related information, with references to those who were central to the daily life of North Aston from the late 19th century through to the very recent past.