North Aston Village fete 2012

The annual North Aston Village Fête is taking place on
Saturday July 14th 2018 between 2:00 pm and 4:30 pm.

Noprth Aston FeteThe North Aston Fête enjoys a long-established tradition that ensures that the event has become a highlight of the local summer calendar.

All the familiar attractions will be present, and so will the Yarnton Brass Band, who will be performing at least two 'sets' during the afternoon. Another unique attraction this year will be a stall from the visiting Japanese students of the Select English Summer School, who will be demonstrating their skills at traditional Japanese crafts including Calligraphy and Origami.

The North Aston Fête offers a unique opportunity for visitors to “step back in time” and enjoy the kind of traditional Country Fête that used to be such a feature of English summers in days gone by. Canvas marquees, bunting, cakes and teas will vie with all the old favourites to entertain and amuse, including:

Adults' Tombola
Ten-Pin Bowling
White Elephant
Sweet Stall
Books & Games
Welly Wanging
Cakes & Teas
Sweets in the Jar
Children's Tombola
Aunt Sally
Name the Teddy
Cakes & Produce

What remains so very special about the North Aston Fête is the unique array of games and entertainments.

North Aston Fete - Yarnton Brass Band North Aston Fete - Cake Stall
North Aston Fete - Japanese visitors North Aston Fete - Jousting
North Aston Fete - Bookstall North Aston Fete - Battling the Buccaneers

Visitors can try their luck and skill at the following games:

Battle the Buccaneers Using a one-man cannon, players fire tennis balls at a fleet of pirate ships, attempting to knock them all down without hitting the Royal Navy frigate that's trying to bring law and order to the ocean waves.
William Tell Contestants fire sucker-tipped crossbow bolts at the apple perched on the head of Walter, William Tell's young son. No apples are harmed in the playing of this game, but they can be eaten afterwards.
Seals of Approval By lobbing tennis balls to the seals, players hope to hit the correct flipper and earn a reward from the seals - every flap hides a prize.
Pheasant's Revenge Players help the pheasants get their revenge by aiming at the hunters with their guns - knock over all five and win a prize!
Wild Aston The Wild West comes to North Aston! Players must 'shoot' the villains as they skulk in the shadows, but mustn't hurt the townsfolk. (Uses traditional cork-firing rifles - see picture below)
Whack the Rat A perennial favourite - players attempt to hit the 'rat' as it tries to escape from the drainpipe. A new and even more vile-looking rat this year!
Buffalo Bill's Arcade A "virtual" shooting range where players aim to knock four targets off the log and win a prize.
Pegs on the Line A game of skill and cunning for the grown-ups. How many pegs can be taken off the line with one hand - and held without dropping. A prize for the highest-scoring Lady and Gent on the day.
Little Goalie A challenge for the youngsters - kick the ball past the goalkeeper to score a goal, and win a prize.
Jousting Another thrilling test of daring and skill for the youngsters - ride the 'horse' and 'lance' all the rings to win a prize.
Dr Frankenstein It takes a steady hand and nerves of steel to face down Doctor Frankenstein's 'monster'.

Wild Aston

Nearly all the games are just 50 pence to play, and children either have an easier target, or get more goes than the grown-ups. All offer plenty to entertain fêtegoers of all ages and abilities.

Other favourites include the Bookstall (second-hand paperbacks and hardbacks, games and DVDs), White Elephant (with bric-a-brac and the occasional antique!), Children’s Roundabout, Sweetstall and the Cakes & Produce stall.

The Beer Tent and Refreshments Marquee will be open all afternoon serving beers and lagers, Pimms by the pint, barbecued locally-made burgers and sausages, hot and cold drinks, cakes, teas and ice creams.

Several large marquees mean that everything can still go to plan even if the weather turns against us.

Entrance is by numbered programme, priced £1, which includes entry to a prize draw to win a bottle of splendid Saumur Mousseaux.


  • 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm - final setting up
  • 2:00 pm - official opening
  • 2:02 pm - Main marquees open
  • 2:15 pm - First 'set' from the Yarnton Brass Band
  • 3:15 pm - Second 'set' from the Yarnton Brass Band
  • 4:15 pm - Prize Draw, Raffle and Awarding of Major Prizes
  • 4:30 pm - Fête closes

Children under 12 are admitted free. All proceeds to North Aston Church and Village funds. Access to the marquees will be restricted to staff only before the official opening at 2:00 pm. Please note that all listings are subject to change.

For further information please send an e-mail

North Aston is situated just off the A4260 between Oxford and Banbury, two miles south of Deddington.
Check out the location on Google Maps. Parking will be on the Village Green
Please note: Details may be subject to change.

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